Weightlessness and the Disconnection to Reality

AA Intermediate 11
Unit Masters: Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg


Open ended space of weightlessness, being adrift, lost, a dimension between reality and lost thoughts. The experience of disconnected reality. No sense of ‘floor’ or ‘ceiling’. The architectural experience I am creating is a sensation of disconnected reality, through the use of placebos. You may see a mirrored floor, fully aware that you will not fall through, but you cannot deny that it there is that thought and feeling that you just might. Through the use of various techniques, it creates the impression of flying, dreaming and weightlessness.


This was a third year project which responded to a brief of creating a building system for a chosen experience, and reflecting the studies on ruinenlust. The beauty in ruins is how they have defyed time and nature to remain standing. At first thought, their very essense of being is the complete opposite of what I am doing. But when you question how much longer will it stay standing, or how is it defying gravity. These questions, are the same questions people would to ask about the space this system creates. In physical terms, ruins are fragments and pieces of the left remaining, and within the projevt it share the theme of fragmented and how it looks visually. Ruins are a fragment of history and time, they give you a glimpse, a hint of the story it was once part of. It triggers you to imagine the rest for yourself, whether is it once was as a full structure, or imagine the time and place it was in, the events that happened, the people that inhabited it and all the things that happen or could have happened. Ruins trigger imagination and creativity, the same quality the building system aims to do.




Lyrical Expression

The threshold between your dreams and the awake state of mind, stuck in a liminal state. I am drawn to wander in this topsy-turvy wonderland. Soaring among the tenuous, weightless objects dancing in the airy space. I feel happily adrift. Addicted to the sensation, I am curious to fall further into this open ended space of tranquility.


Factual Expression

An evanescing grid, dematerialised elements, undefined planes and broken structural rules of order, the space invites you to explore this labyrinth of delusion. The disintegrated and exploded material are levitating in the air, light and almost weightless. Structures appears and disappears as you move through the space, the sun reflects the glass, painting the space with gradients of colour

“Architecture does not make us inhabit worlds of mere fabrication and fantasy; it articulates the experience of our being-in-the-world and strengthen our sense of reality and self. The sense of self, strengthened by art and architecture, also permits us to engage fully in the mental dimensions of dream, imagine and desire.” 
Pallasmaa Juhani