AA Intermediate 11
-Second Year -
This project studies the natural soundscape of Lanzarote, the Canary Islands. By using the natural sounds of the island to aid certain medical therapies. Different frequencies gives a different impact on to the brain condition, by changing concentration level and effects the emotion felt. Researching into medical tourism, the structure itself serves as a form of hotel, with rooms based on three different cliffs on the island. The hotel lobby is a floating structure which travels from site to site with a given timeline. Each cliff is dedicated to a particualar specialty, cardiology, prenatal therapy and mental illnesses (insomnia and depression). The floating lobby also act's a an amplifcator and reflection board for the sound of waves as each site. The project also explores the use of virtual reality, creating a parallel space which allows the visitors to experience the island and it's soundscape in a way the physical world cannot provide. In which, the virtual reality also plays a role as part of the therapy program. The aim of this space and it's program is to improve the conditions of the patient, not necessarily the 'healing' process. 
Notes on how the sound of waves works as therapy to the particular specialties:
Los Hevideros Site:
The sound of waves reduces blood pressure and heart rate through relaxation and it's binaural beats. The calming effect also de-stresses and reduces anxiety in patients. This is especially good for people who suffers from high blood pressure and heart attacks, as well as others with heart health issues.
Orzola Site:
Prenatal Therapy
Music and Sound Therapy is known to relief stress in pregnacy; due to calming of the mother and child. The baby's language development skill. (Research have said listening to music has proven to aid children's ability in learning languages.) And the therapy has also been said to be a way as maternal and fetal bonding.
La Famara Site:
Insomnia and Depression
In insomnia, the sound of waves gives a certain relaxation adn calming effect that is almost like hypnosis to those who have trouble sleeping. And with different sound frequency, sound therapy can aid depression by effecting the emotions of the patient, allowing them to express themselves better as well as think things through in a calmer perspective.
Final jury at the AA
Final jury at the AA
Virtual Reality of the Inverse Island
Virtual Reality of underneath the Iceberg Island
Collage image of the Los Herivideros imitated site