Therapies Through Soundscape

AA Intermediate 11
Unit Masters: Nerea Calvillo, Manuel Collado and Nacho Martín


This project was a 2nd year project that studied the natural soundscape of Lanzarote, the Canary Islands. By using the natural sounds of the island to aid certain medical therapies. Different frequencies has a different impact on to the human body, each of our organs has a frequency of it’s own, and when the body is in distress, the frequency is inaccurate. Studies have shown the sounds of nature can re-tune this frequency, and thus sound therapy. 


The structure introudced in this project serves as a form of hotel, with rooms based on three different cliffs on the island. The hotel lobby is a floating structure which travels from site to site with a given timeline. Each cliff is dedicated to a particualar specialty, cardiology, prenatal therapy and mental conditions (insomnia and depression). The floating lobby also act’s a an amplifcator and reflection board for the sound of waves at each site. The project also explores the use of virtual reality, creating a parallel space which allows the visitors to experience the soundscapes in the island we cannot hear, for example the singing whales and dolphins that inhabits the waters around the Canary islands.. These sounds and virtual spaves can be experience within the pods (hotel rooms) that are siturated on the cliffs. Note that the aim of the projevt is creating a space to improve the conditions of the patient, not necessarily the treatment itself.