Necessary Monsters

AA First Year Tutor: John Ng


A brief based on a series of games rules applied to spatial studies. 
Within the brief are 7 unique projects, all based on the same initial form, but placed in different scale, with different set of rules. ​
XS: What if the programme and space are created by the position and structure of the player's bodies?
This a three dimensional twister game, where the aim of the is that the body of the players then creates a new space, furnitures to be exact for people outside of the game. As you can see in the video, there are different combinations to make table, chair, tunnel etc. 
XL: What if the program is unknown and unseen. Programs are only located at the top of the towers. Their purpose and their location are only revealed when you get to the top. By the time you come back down, their locations would have changed again.
Tre programs are located at the top of the towers, so people can't just look up and see where they are as they are walls that hides them. The tower moves every hour and the city itself is an entire maze. So what if, the programs wasn't games anymore, but this was London? The plan below, where you can see the tower's movement lines, maybe clearer in the drawings. The main reference for this project was delirious new york, so similarly, the centre, instead of the captive globe, I have this emergency centre. Heres the sections which shows how the programs are located on top of the towers, and nothing else in between. Similarly. these acts as the plints in delirious new york.