Melting Metropolis

AA Visiting School Postindustrial Landscapes
Tutor. Tobias Klein


The millions of neon signs illuminating Hong Kong are a tangible marker of economic properity and consumerism. They have creatd a unique visual character throughout the city, and infuse the environment with energy. Their intoxicating glow has overtaken the city like an addiction. Similarly, the sugar we consume is transformed into energy for our bodies, and we can never get enough of it. 
Unfortunately, the neon signs in Hong Kong are starting to disappear due to harsher regulations. By re-intepretatingthe imagery of classic Hong Kong neon lights in 3D-printed sugar, we can admire their beauty and at once acknowledge it's fleeting nature, as the material of sugar will eventually melt away just like the signs themselves.
3D Printing technology is rapidly heading towards a direction where almost any material can be 3D printed. In this context of instant gratification and consumption, we will design new machines of sweet dreams made from parts for the controlled deposition of molten sugar, a novel material that is shapeable by heat, conceptually playful and practically edible. Understanding the complexity of CNC controlled robotics and fascinating material science will allows us to appreciate the 3D printer as a marvel combination of the two science - while we dip our toes into material science with the ratio of sucrose to fructose to water, temperature, nozzle size, and printing speed and aim to rival the existing Chinese Sugar Painting. 
We will indulge into molten sugar to become the fabric of formal fantasies in the corrupted land of the plenty . We will print sugar in all its stickiness and sweet aroma, test this material as a building block and literally fill a space with pure molten sugar distilled through machinic formations into sweet dreams.