Placement and Displacement Competition


[Hut-Markets]. The proposal for the refugee marketplace is this building system for huts. The system is applicable to all three types that various in scale, to suit different kind of stores. For example, the double height one for a construction material store, as they may have bigger things to store. These huts can be combined into a bigger structure as well as The system scaled up to build for other programs such as school, churches etc.


The open design of the hut emphasizes on increasing ventilation throughout the block and natural light for the internal space. The current huts are dark due to the lack of electricity, by creating a brighter space, (yet shaded and sheltered), it will create space more comforable to inhabit. Also making the stores more welcoming. The increased ventilation would make huts less stuffy and hot in the weather, when wind can pass through.


The elements will give the space a consistency and colour coding to identify the kind of stores, to help the community identify where they can buy what they need. The timber framwork is also shown as painted white to give a brighter, lighter sensation in the space. By colouring the timber framework and roofs, it will also create a livlier more welcoming and playful sensation in the community. With a building system that they can assemble simply and cost effective, it will also encourage them to be more creative with building space by combining the elements in different ways.