AA First Year
What if the facade of the Muller house it moveable, you can decide when and where  you want the building to be see-through? What if the natural lighting from a window is set from a specific time? What if the facade is not solid?
In this brief, we are to reinterpret one of the houses from the 20th century, by taking one of the 15 elements established by Rem Koolhas. The chosen element here is the facade, "A metonym for architecture as a whole, the facade is the element most invested with political and cultural meaning". Starting the project with proposing a wall made out of balloons where you can 'pop' and create openings, the final propsal is to have a facade that is movable. A temporary blind, where you can swipe the liquid up and it will take a certain time for it to sink and reveal what is inside the house. You can also make see through wherever you want in the building, simply by swiping the liquid around.