Wedding Oasis

Open Idea Competition


A series of pavilion and installation designed to compliment Castello of Rosciano, to preserve its existing architecture but enhancing it through a contemporary intervention.
The restaurant pavilion is conceived as a stone structure, finished in a smoothly honed limestone finish, drawing from the solidity of the stone construction of the castle, but at the same time, contrasting the texture and the colour of the original constructions. The form takes into account three trees that are planted in a cluster, and duly places this cluster in a round courtyard of its own, forming a reinterpreted peristyle entrance to the restaurant pavilion when approached from the exterior of the castle. The forms of the castle are also referenced in the arched windows, which are consistent throughout the additions, drawing from the many round-headed arches to be found around the castle. The rhythm of the arches provides a steady beat against the irregularity of the ancient castle walls and dispersed openings, both complementing and respecting the existing architecture, by drawing from it, but being clearly discrete. The arches are trimmed with gold-coloured brass details, which both pick up and enhance the fair limestone cladding of the walls, and the elegant combination of fair stone and gleaming metal set the tone for the most elegant of wedding celebrations.
Seats for 70 guests have been drawn in this plan, but up to a 100 guests may be accommodated under the operable glass roof of the pavilion, which shields them from inclement weather, allowing the guests to enjoy sitting among the trees on the terrace, rain or shine. Should the weather be fine, the roof panels fold upwards like the wings of a butterfly, allowing unobstructed views of the night sky. The unglazed arches that surround the space allow both ventilation and a frame for the views to be seen from this terrace.